De Matting Policy

When a dog presents in a severely matted condition, it is Woody Woods Policy to discuss immediately with the owner

A severely matted coat is an Animal Welfare issue, dogs suffer greatly with this type of matting 

If its possible I will try to de matt the coat with techniques that groomers can use, if however  this is taking longer than 20 mins and /or the dog is suffering or stressed from it then you will be asked to collect your dog and take it to a vet for sedation for the coat to be removed 

Shaving a coat is often the best thing for the dog providing I can get clippers through it safely.

Dogs can be traumatised by lengthy and uncomfortable de-matting sessions and it can put them off the grooming process for life.  

De-matting can be a time consuming process and extra time will be chargeable.

You will be fully consulted and made aware of any additional charge to be applied.

However discounts are available for rescue dogs.


I will always put the welfare of the dog first

regardless of circumstances 


Please ensure your dog is free from parasites by keeping your dog is up to date with regular worm, flea and tick treatments.

If I find parasites then an extra charge for medical shampoo and cleaning all equipment will be charged

I offer hand stripping as a grooming service for wire coated and silky coated dogs

 This includes everything listed in the full groom, hand-stripping takes twice as long or more depending on size of dog 

I love it !! not many groomers do, it does of course cost more as it takes longer but the end result is lovely 


Please note dogs that have been previously clipped will not usually be suitable for this service. 

We can check coat of course 

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