Areas Covered 

Shepshed,Belton, Coleorton  Swannington,Peggs Green


Long Whatton ,Diseworth,

Isley Walton Kegworth 


Dog Walking Services
Group walks or Solo walks area available 
Group walks are my choice as a Trained  Dog Walker. Dogs are social animals, they require stimulation from other dogs ,they love to play.
A group walk will give them physical and mental stimulation and enrichment.
Group Walk Dogs must recall either to name or whistle , we will discuss this with you and also work with you to achieve this.
Dogs will stay on a long line lead until we are happy with their recall
Nervous Dogs will have a yellow  lead /bandana
Dogs are matched in a social groups, temperament and size. A maximum of 3/4 dogs to one Trained handler.
Following your initial  enquiry ,we will  arrange a "meet and greet "with you and your dog(s) . 
We will visit you at your home to discuss your requirements and an initial behaviour assessment with your dog.
If you wish to continue with the service provided:
We will provide you with 
Dog Walking Contract 
(We both sign )
Includes a key contract /safe key box number 
We require Vaccination Certificate including Kennel Cough (Photocopy)
Doggy Day Diary 
We cannot  walk un-vaccinated dogs.
We are insured to be key holders 
your key is locked away in a safe when not in use 
It is not identifiable to your address
We use a 4X4 Vehicle to transport Dogs (Not a Van)
Fully fitted with LINTRAN
Travel Box system Professional business standard to ensure the insurance and safety of your dog. 
Crates are fitted with their own fans and heat or cool mats depending on season.
In addition to Air Conditioning
(Client feedback is they prefer the 4X4 as it clearly cannot transport too many dogs plus the dogs can still see outside. Many dogs love to see where they are going.)
All staff are fully trained in Animal Care
City & Guilds Qualified 
Fully Insured by Cliverton
NARPS registered
All have full DBS checked for security
£10 per 60 mins (Includes pick up and drop off)
Countryside Walk
City & Guilds Professional Dog Walking Competency Certificate 2019
Canine First Responder
First Aid Qualified 
We are very lucky to live in the Charnwood
( National Forest )area Beacon Hill, Bradgate Park,
The Outwoods  and many more lovely walks only  dogs 10 mins drive  from our house. 
Walks we use are dependent on area of clients
Beacon Hill
Gracedieu Woods
Coelorton Woods
Staunton Harold 
Belton  (Walk for Anixous Dogs)
Piper Woods 
Felicity Woods
Plenty of choice