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Dog Walking Services

We offer group walks or solo walks depending on you and your dogs' needs, I am a qualified Dog handler having completed my qualification, my daughter Lauren also assists me with dog walking. Lauren is a Canine Carer at Dog's Trust in Wymeswold she has a wide range of knowledge with everything dog related

Lauren is also a fully qualified groomer with her own business 


The vehicle  I use is a Toyota RAV4, my car is fully kitted out with LINTRAN travel crates. 

The Dogs that don't like crates will wear a Harness and Seat Belt Attachment and can Travel in the rear seating area 

Lauren drives a Ford Focus estate with fully secured dog tailgates and seatbelt in place - we find the cars we drive to be popular amongst our walking clients as people are reluctant to place their dogs into a van, vans can be really quite scary for dogs with the lack of windows and all of the noises and smells they may not know.

Following your initial inquiry, we will arrange a "meet and greet "with you and your dog(s) Lauren and I will visit you at your home to discuss your requirements and an initial behavior assessment with your dog, this is a chance for us to meet your pup with you being there and for you to ask any questions you may have. 

Should you wish to go ahead with our dog walking services below is a list of what comes next;

Dog Walking Contract - a short form with information on it like an emergency contact, vets details, etc 

(We both sign this in agreement, this need to be resigned every year or overtime a refreshed policy comes out to make sure we are abiding by the rules to keep the dogs safe)

We require a copy of your dogs' vaccination certificate too this must include Kennel Cough (a photocopy is fine)

We are covered to hold keys, keys are locked away safely and no record is kept near them to identify you 

Please note we cannot walk un-vaccinated dogs.


£10 per 60 mins (Includes pick up and drop off) 

Please provide towels and hosepipe if possible we do our best to clean off Dogs our end with wipes hibiscrub if needed