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Rabbit Boarding

  •  Singles £7 per night 

  • Bonded Pairs £9

The pens  are located outside in an air-cooled/heated shed

They receive cuddles and enrichment time of course  

They get time out in a run on our lawn, shed in winter.

The area is totally separated by fencing from the area for the dogs.

Rabbits must be vaccinated against Mxyi RVHD1/2

mite treated and Panacur wormed or similar (your vet will advise) I will require proof of this 

Guinea Pigs 

  • £4.00 per night 

  • Bonded pairs £6

  • Extras together with above £2  

We can provide either indoor or outdoor housing for guinea pigs, we have a third bedroom upstairs which is double-gated should you wish for them to be inside, if not then they can stay outside in the air-cooled/heated hutches with the rabbits, they also receive the daily veggies plus hay.

please note you will need to bring along the dried food that your small fury eats. 

Nail Trimming is £5 per animal 

Guinea Pig Baths and groom plus mite treatment as a preventative £10 per animal 

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